20 FEBRUARY 2024 at 11:00 PM



Since 2010, the Belgian Corporate IT Awards are recognized as the most prestigious recognition of excellence for companies -through their IT department-  from the private and public sector that deliver tremendous operational efficiency, agility, business advantage, and/or tangible customer experience through leading-edge implementation of information technology.

In a complex post-pandemic period combined with a difficult geo-political and economic context, the Corporate IT Awards 2024 will examine how the foremost IT organizations go the extra mile by e.g. optimizing and scaling up their IT assets, rethinking their IT operating models, repurposing their IT infrastructure, improving corporate agility, creating new user experiences, reprioritizing their technology adoption roadmap, rearchitecting their IT talents, among others.

Once again, the Awards 2024 will be an outstanding barometer to evaluate the agility, adaptability and innovation capability of both corporate organizations and service providers in responding to business and societal changes. And contrarily to most award initiatives, the Corporate IT Awards remain fully objective and neutral year after year, through a clear and transparent process supervised by an independent Jury made of former CIOs, renowned technology experts, and selected business leaders.

Award winners will be revealed and celebrated during the CIO Leadership Summit 2024.

Why applying

Exemplify your technology vision and leadership


Demonstrate achievements, outcomes and impact


Benchmark your strategy against the best


Galvanize & recognize your team for the efforts made


Deserve an acknowledged mark of excellence




1. Process

  • An initial list of 25 corporations is established upon insights gathered from members of the CIO Executive Circle Network, Common, and Corporate IT Awards partners. Those 25 nominated companies are the initial Honorees of the Corporate IT Awards. Each one must introduce a dossier of 5 pages maximum and describing an impactful project or initiative implemented in Belgium (may be part of an international project, too).
  • Any other IT organization may apply for joining this Honorees list by sending an application to the Jury.
  • An organization may apply with max. 2 projects.
  • From the final list of Nominees, and after careful analysis and benchmarking of all dossiers, 4 winners will emerge.
  • Providers may nominate their clients by sending an application to the Jury and with approval of the client

2. Categories

Instead of using formal categories, the Corporate IT Awards embrace any type of discipline aimed at responding to today’s and tomorrow’s major digital challenges from a technology, business and/or societal one. Concretely, projects or initiatives may relate to e.g. pioneering a new technology, applying a familiar technology to a new purpose, simplifying processes, optimizing the existing infrastructure, modernizing applications, moving to cloud platforms, enabling the digital workplace, retaining IT talents, etc. Finally, dossiers must illustrate the business or societal value generated, not just IT benefits.

3. Criteria

The Jury examines, analyzes and compares the dossiers upon the following criteria:

  • Relevancy of the dossier
  • Clearly defined objectives, roadmap, milestones and deliverables
  • Tangible achievements, metrics (qualitative and/or quantitative) and impact generated
  • Business & company context
  • Inspirational case – waow effect

4. Jury

Jury members are selected upon drastic criteria. They must be either former CIOs, seasoned technology experts, or renowned business practitioners.

Marc Decorte – Founding Partner, Innowings. Former Global SVP Digital Transformation, Shell.

Ranga Deshpande – President of Common Belgium. Former CIO at Bordet Hospital.

Valérie Zapico – Managing Partner, Valkuren; former Managing Director at Valuis.

René Aebischer – Senior IT Advisor. Former Director Transversal IT at BNP Paribas Fortis.

Valérie Taerwe – Innovation Lead, AE. Young ICT Lady of the Year 2017.

Thierry Janssen – CEO & Founder, Xwork. Former CEO at Switch, Getronics, Win and Econocom.

Edwin D’Hondt – Management Consultant & IT Advisor. Former CIO & SVP at Umicore.

Tine Vandenbreeden – Head of Partner Solutions at SAP


Why applying

The Corporate IT Awards 2024 will honor IT organizations and IT providers that are going the extra mile to deliver outstanding achievements, business value, and measurable impact through leading-edge implementation and deployment of information technology.

Participating to the Corporate IT Awards is an outstanding opportunity for CIOs from leading IT organizations or CEOs from IT providers to galvanize their teams, showcase their achievements, and be recognized as forward-thinking and results-driven leaders.

Nominated companies will be recognized and celebrated by the whole IT community during a glamorous ceremony as part of the CIO Leadership Summit program. Furthermore, winning one of the Corporate IT Awards is an acknowledged mark of excellence. And because awards are given to companies rather than individuals, it’s an honor that everyone on the IT staff and the whole organization can take pride in.

How to apply

To be considered:

  • Honorees must confirm their participation and complete a small dossier (template available on demand). This dossier will help the Jury examine how well submitted projects have been executed and illustrate business impact + value generated.
  • Entrants must apply as rapidly as possible by sending an application to the Jury.
  • The deadline for returning the dossiers to the Jury is Tuesday 20 February 2024, close of business.

If you are a Vendor or Service provider and would like to nominate one of your clients for a Corporate IT Award, we advise you to enlist the CIO and/or the CEO within the organization you wish to nominate to submit the application.